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  • This guide is an easy-to-use handbook designed to help you get “the most out of life” … your life … your way.


  • Life is about choices; you can let life happen to you or take control of it.


  • You have the power to shape your life however you want.


  • Building your own personal success plan is key to achieving your goals, regardless of where you currently stand.

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career planning for teens

  • No one plan fits everyone; this guide helps you create your own plan from your own viewpoint.


  • Developing a plan is surprisingly easy with this guide.

  • Determine which careers or occupations suit you best and will make you happiest.


  • Your plan will be tailored to you because you are unique.


  • Your plan will help you choose the life you want to live based on your preferences.

Inside The Book:


Section One: Self Awareness - Discovering one's personality traits and understanding their importance in shaping life choices.

Section Two: Goals & Action Plans - Identifying personal goals and outlining steps to achieve them, including career exploration.

Section Three: Relationships - Recognizing the significance of personal connections and strategies for developing and nurturing them.

Section Four: Organization & Time Management - Managing tasks efficiently and monitoring progress toward goals.

Section Five: Success Traits and Behaviors - Learning from successful individuals and adopting behaviors conductive to success.


Section Six: Life Planner Workbook - Utilizing downloadable software to develop personalized action plans and budgets.

     The book also provides financial guidance for creating and adjusting budgets as circumstances evolve. "SO WHAT COMES NEXT?” offers more than just reading material; it's a transformative tool for shaping lives.

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